UltraCMOS® SPDT RF Switch 100 - 6000 MHz

RoHS Compliant

  • Key Specs

    • AttributeValue
      Operating Freq. Min (MHz)100
      Operating Freq. Max (MHz)6000
      IIP2 (dBm)110
      IIP3 (dBm)65
      IIP3 Test Freq. (GHz)6
      P1dB (dBm)33
      P1dB Test Freq. (GHz)4
      Insertion Loss (dB).95
      Insertion Loss Test Freq. (GHz)4
      Isolation (dB)64
      Isolation Test Freq. (GHz)2
      Typical Idd (µA)120
      Vdd Range Min (V)2.7
      Vdd Range Max (V)5.5
      Package Type20L LGA
      Package Dimensions (mm)4x4

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