Discontinued Products

The following is a list of parts that have been discontinued from production. Click on the links below to go directly to the datasheet.

Discontinued Peregrine products are available through the Arrow Electronics' Supply Assurance program or contact Application Support to find the appropriate replacement for new designs.

Not Recommended for New Designs (NRND)

This product is in production, but not recommended for new designs.

End of Life (EOL)

This product is currently going through the EOL process. It has a specific last-time-buy date.


This product is discontinued, and we are not accepting orders. This part can be considered as discontinued and last-time-buy date has already past.


Part Number Category Datasheet
PE64905 Digital Tunable Capacitors PDF


Part Number Category Datasheet
PE4302 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE4304 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE4307 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE4308 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE42551 RF Switches PDF
PE42552 RF Switches PDF
PE43204 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE43404 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE43502 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE43503 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE43601 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE43602 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE43701 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE43702 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE43703 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE42556 RF Switches PDF



Part Number Category Datasheet
PE33241 Phase-Locked Loops (PLL)
PE42720 RF Switches


Part Number Category Datasheet
PE3511 Prescaler PDF
PE3513 Prescaler PDF
PE4237 RF Switches PDF
PE42671 RF Switches PDF
PE4268 RF Switches PDF
PE4272 RF Switches PDF
PE4273 RF Switches PDF
PE4283 RF Switches PDF
PE4305 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE4306 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE4309 Digital Step Attenuators PDF


Part Number Category Datasheet
PE3336 Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF
PE3341 Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF
PE3342 Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF
PE3512 Prescalers PDF
PE4150 Mixers PDF
PE4210 RF Switches PDF
PE4230 RF Switches PDF
PE4231 RF Switches PDF
PE4242 RF Switches PDF
PE4244 RF Switches PDF
PE42510A RF Switches PDF
PE42650A RF Switches PDF
PE4271 RF Switches PDF
PE43501 Digital Step Attenuators PDF
PE621010 Digitally Tunable Capacitors (DTC) PDF
PE621020 Digitally Tunable Capacitors (DTC) PDF
PE623060 Digitally Tunable Capacitors (DTC) PDF
PE623070 Digitally Tunable Capacitors (DTC) PDF
PE623080 Digitally Tunable Capacitors (DTC) PDF
PE623090 Digitally Tunable Capacitors (DTC) PDF


Part Number Category Datasheet
PE3236 Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF
PE3501 Prescalers PDF


Part Number Category Datasheet
PE3339 Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF


Part Number Category Datasheet
PE3340 Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF
PE3502 Prescalers PDF
PE3503 Prescalers PDF
PE4122 Mixers PDF
PE4124 Mixers PDF
PE4125 Mixers PDF
PE4126 Mixers PDF
PE4134 Mixers PDF
PE4135 Mixers PDF
PE4220 RF Switches PDF
PE4232 RF Switches PDF
PE4235 RF Switches PDF
PE4240 RF Switches PDF
PE4241 RF Switches PDF
PE4243 RF Switches PDF
PE83501 Hi-Rel Prescaler PDF
PE83502 Hi-Rel Prescaler PDF
PE83503 Hi-Rel Prescaler PDF
PE83511 Hi-Rel Prescaler PDF
PE83512 Hi-Rel Prescaler PDF
PE83513 Hi-Rel Prescaler PDF
PE84140 Hi-Rel Mixer PDF
PE9309-DIE Hi-Rel Prescaler PDF

2006 and earlier

Part Number Category Datasheet
PE3337-DIE Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF
PE4120-DIE Mixers PDF
PE4123 Mixers PDF
PE4128 Mixers PDF
PE4129 Mixers PDF
PE4248 RF Switches PDF
PE4249 RF Switches PDF
PE4460 RF Switches PDF
PE4462 RF Switches PDF
PE826C31 Hi-Rel Mixers PDF
PE826C32 Hi-Rel Mixers PDF
PE83335 Hi-Rel Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF
PE83337 Hi-Rel Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF
PE83339 Hi-Rel Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF
PE83340 Hi-Rel Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF
PE83341 Hi-Rel Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF
PE83342 Hi-Rel Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF
PE83363 Hi-Rel Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) PDF

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