UltraCMOS® SPST Tuning Control Switch

    Doc 53244


The PE613010 is an SPST tuning control switch based on Peregrine's UltraCMOS® technology. This highly versatile switch supports a wide variety of tuning circuit topologies with emphasis on impedance matching and aperture tuning applications. PE613010 features low on-resistance and insertion loss from 100 to 3000 MHz. With two-pin low voltage CMOS control, all decoding and biasing is integrated on-chip and no external bypassing or filtering components are required.

Attribute Value
Function SPST (OR)
Description Open-Reflective
Status Production
Min Freq (MHz) 100.0
Max Freq (MHz) 3000.0
RON (Ω) 1.2
COFF (pF) 0.4
IMD3 (dBm) -115.0
Peak RF Voltage (Vpk) 25
Package 10L QFN
Package (mm) 2x2

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