• Broad product portfolio that covers frequency range from 0 Hz to 60 GHz and temperature range from -55°C to +125°C 
  • HaRPTM technology enhancement reduces gate lag and insertion loss drift, which is ideal for high-performance applications
  • Monolithic CMOS solution that integrates RF, analog and digital functions on a single die
  • Industry-leading RF performance, best-in-class ESD ratings and reliability
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Tuning Control Switches (TCS)

  • High RF power handling and ruggedness
  • Best-in-class harmonic and linearity with robust ESD 
  • Small form factor with no external filtering components
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Digital Step Attenuators (DSA)

  • High linearity, fast switching time with broad bandwidth
  • Best-in-class attenuation error with fine attenuation steps
  • Most robust ESD protection available
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Digitally Tunable Capacitors (DTC)

  • Small form factor with high Q
  • Monolithically integrated impedance tuning solution
  • Wide-band tuning coverage, minimum mismatch losses, high linearity and fast switching speed
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Power Limiters

  • Highly integrated solutions, smaller and more reliable than discrete PIN-diode solutions 
  • Adjustable threshold control for maximum design flexibility
  • High power handling and linearity required for wide-dynamic-range designs
  • Fast response and recovery times for instantaneous protection and rapid return
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  • Broadband quad MOSFET array cores for high performance 
  • Industry-leading linearity, isolation and low conversion loss
  • Highly reliable with superior ESD protection
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  • Exceptional performance with high-frequency support up to 13.5 GHz
  • Low phase noise performance and low power consumption solutions
  • Bare-die solutions for a wide variety of compact high-performance applications
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Digital Phase Shifters (DPS)

  • Ideal solutions for optimizing transmission phase angle
  • Low root-mean-square (RMS) phase and amplitude error with fine phase resolution
  • Digital control interface with parallel and serial programming options
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Low-noise Amplifiers (LNAs)

  • High-performance low-noise amplifier (LNA) portfolio covering 4G LTE, 5G New Radio (NR) and Wi-Fi frequencies
  • Industry-leading lowest noise figure (NF) and highest linearity supporting up to 21 dB gain
  • Innovative frequency tuning can achieve 1 GHz total bandwidth 
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Low-noise Amplifier (LNA) + Switch

  • LNA + Switch optimization for improved carrier aggregation and non-carrier aggregation performance
  • Technology optimized for lowest switch insertion loss (IL) and lowest LNA noise figure (NF) produces best performing single IC solution
  • UltraCMOS® integration enabled reduction in total IC area without sacrificing performance
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