A Murata Company Focused on Semiconductor Integration

pSemi Corporation builds upon Peregrine Semiconductor’s 30-year legacy of technology advancements and top-ranked intellectual property (IP) portfolio but adds a new mission—to enhance Murata’s world-class capabilities with high-performance semiconductors. We are proud to be a part of the over 70,000 Murata employees who are shaping the future of electronics.  

Foundation in SOI, RF Switches and Antenna Tuners

Our team's disruptive innovations around silicon on insulator (SOI), RF switches and antenna tuners paved the way for new products in adjacent markets. pSemi’s product portfolio now spans power management, connected sensors, antenna tuning, power amplifiers and integrated RF frontends. 


Intelligent Electronics for the Connected World

At pSemi, we drive profitable growth through differentiated semiconductor technology leadership in fast-growing markets. We enable Murata’s success in semiconductors and leverage its leading manufacturing capabilities and brand strength to provide best-in-class solutions to our customers. Our intelligent and efficient semiconductors enable advanced modules for smartphones, base stations, personal computers, electric vehicles, data centers, IoT devices and healthcare. 

Our team explores new ways to make electronics smaller, thinner, faster and better. We take what “can’t be done” and transform it into an industry first. Whether it is a cutting-edge design technique, a transformative architecture or a novel technology platform, we value bold ideas that advance our connected world and drive semiconductor integration.



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