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pSemi manufactures intelligent and efficient semiconductors that are integrated into advanced modules for smartphones, base stations, industrial, automotive, data centers, IoT devices and healthcare. Our semiconductor components make electronics for the connected world smaller, thinner, lower power, faster and better.

How do we integrate? We rely on novel technology platforms and processes, cutting-edge architectures and patented design enhancements to integrate RF, analog and mixed-signal circuits on a monolithic die and sub-system integration through our advanced module technologies.

We are Technology Agnostic.

After decades of advancing SOI for RF applications, we are applying other semiconductor technologies to fast-growing markets. We’ve shifted from a process-focused company to a solution-focused company. We continue to develop custom processes—like our proprietary UltraCMOS® technology platform—but we also leverage off-the-shelf technologies. Our team evaluates each solution and uses the best semiconductor technology to meet the market requirements.


UltraCMOS® Technology Platform

UltraCMOS technology is a patented, advanced form of silicon on insulator (SOI). With its outstanding RF and microwave properties, SOI is an ideal substrate for integration. When paired with high-volume CMOS—the most widely used semiconductor technology—the result is a reliable, repeatable technology platform that offers superior performance compared to other mixed-signal processes.


Over 30 years ago, our team pioneered the use of SOI for RF applications, and today, we maintain a leadership advantage in SOI process technology. Our process development is custom. Our process flexibility is controlled, and our cycle time and quality is proven.


This manufacturing process is a patented variation of SOI on a sapphire substrate, which is a near-perfect insulator. UltraCMOS SOS is ideal for high-reliability applications.

pSemi ICs + Murata Packaging = Better Electronics

As a Murata company, pSemi leverages the breadth of Murata’s manufacturing and technology leadership while maintaining a level of autonomy that accelerates our path to semiconductor integration.

We are spearheading Murata’s efforts in new semiconductor growth markets and driving semiconductor integration for Murata. This combined innovation adds value to many applications by making smaller, lighter, thinner and more efficient components that save power and boost run times. Smaller components also enable space to be freed up on PCBs so that new features and innovations can be added. We provide solutions with high integration and excellent conversion efficiency in a wide range of low-power fields. Demand for these technologies is expected to grow even further as electrical and electronic components become smaller and thinner. These capabilities allow truly integrated, next-generation modules at lower cost and with smaller footprints, lower profiles, and better performance than the larger assemblies of the past.


Intelligent Integration

Our UltraCMOS® technology platform offers an unprecedented level of integration. We call this intelligent integration. 

Intelligent integration is the unique design ability to integrate RF, digital and analog components on a single die. This is purposeful. While integration has traditionally offered high-volume markets the benefit of lower cost, pSemi uses intelligent integration to offer advantages to high-performance and emerging markets.

With intelligent integration, a single chip can integrate a multitude of features such as analog DC tracking, digital logic control, high-performance switching, phase shifting and digital step attenuation. With intelligent integration, design engineers can achieve flexibility, configurability, reliability, repeatability, ease-of-use and a smaller footprint for their designs.

Monolithic die

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