Building Better RF Front-ends with UltraCMOS® Technology

In the September 5, 2014, Compound Semiconductor magazine article “Building better RF front-ends with UltraCMOS technology,” Peregrine’s VP of marketing, Duncan Pilgrim, discusses the merits of UltraCMOS® technology as it relates to this newest generation of LTE-capable smartphones. He says that what is needed in the mobile arena is a new approach that can trim the costs associated with such a diverse bill of materials and with the complexities of manufacturing and testing the air-interface. And further integration is the answer. The article explains in detail the complexities and challenges in the industry, both with GaAs and UltraCMOS technology, and how UltraCMOS technology is better positioned to take the lead with a single device that is capable of being manufactured on a standard silicon CMOS line.

To read the full article on the Compound Semiconductor website, click here. Note the article begins on page 46.