2014 View From the Top with Peregrine’s CEO Jim Cable

In a Q&A session with the editors of Microwave Product Digest for the December 2014 edition, Jim Cable shares his views on the Internet of Things (IoT), DOCSIS 3.1 and predictions where the RF market will go in 2015. Jim believes Peregrine is well-positioned to thrive in IoT designs because our RF SOI Intelligent Integration approach addresses device requirements for low power, small size, reliability and ease of use. He predicts a lot of expansion in the LTE and small cells market, which also require Intelligent Integration design approaches. The year 2015 marks an important ramp-up period for devices that meet the DOCSIS 3.1 standard due to launch in 2016, and Peregrine has already introduced products addressing the high-linearity needs of this market.

To read the full interview on the Microwave Product Digest website, click here.