Who is X-Microwave?

Today we announced an exciting collaboration with X-Microwave, a company on a mission to optimize the design process. Launched in 2015, X-Microwave’s building-block system enables engineers to easily simulate and prototype RF and microwave circuits. This system streamlines the long, arduous process from block-diagram concept to final production hardware through an easy-to-use solution.

To create a modular design, X-Microwave provides a free, non-linear online simulation tool that leverages Keysight’s Genesys Spectrasys engine. After simulation, X-MWblock drop-in components are used to prototype systems through X-Microwave’s innovative prototype station for testing, aligning and configuring integrated microwave assemblies up to 50 GHz. Finally, the same X-MWblock components can be moved from the prototype station directly to machined housings for production hardware, eliminating the need for custom layouts.

Watch the silent video below to learn more about X-Microwave’s modular system.