Peregrine’s New Marketing VP on Global 1, RF-SOI Drivers, UltraCMOS

In an interview conducted shortly after the launch of UltraCMOS® Global 1, Duncan Pilgrim discusses Peregrine’s UltraCMOS technologies with the editors of Advanced Substrate News. He says that UltraCMOS 10 is the foundation of Peregrine’s mobile wireless products. It gives smartphone manufacturers flexibility and value without compromising quality for mobile devices ranging from 3G through LTE networks. The UltraCMOS Global 1 is an integrated front-end solution. It is 100% CMOS-based, which allows for all its components to be integrated. After 8 years of research and development, this is the first CMOS-SOI power amplifier to meet the performance of GaAs-based products, and it exceeds the performance of existing CMOS PAs by 10 percentage points. The benefits to engineers include reduction in engineering and validation time, and it benefits customers as they can enjoy better reception, longer battery life, faster data rates and wider roaming ranges.

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