Part 3: Who is Peregrine Semiconductor?

Peregrine’s co-founder and CTO Ron Reedy gave the following presentation at a San Diego IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) event in October 2013. In this video, which is part 3 of his talk, “Commercializing Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) & Changing an Industry,” Reedy offers an overview of Peregrine, which solves the world’s toughest RF challenges. Customers include:

  • All major smartphone OEMs
  • Medical-device manufacturers
  • Test-and-measurement equipment designers
  • Public safety radio and land-mobile radio makers
  • Broadband and HDTV device developers
  • Space and satellite engineers

Reedy gives examples of how Peregrine has been able to advance its mission with an unwavering commitment to cutting-edge performance and extreme quality control.