Webinar: UltraCMOS® Capability at Microwave Frequencies

Since its invention in 1963, complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) technology has been the underdog of technologies and has had to prove itself against incumbent technologies. Leveraging the simple, yet capital-intensive concept of gate length scaling, CMOS continues to take over markets once thought owned by the entrenched technologies. Coupled with an extremely low loss substrate, UltraCMOS® technology from Peregrine Semiconductor is well suited for microwave and millimeter applications. It is displacing gallium arsenide (GaAs) and other compound solutions that have historically serviced these high frequency ranges.

In a recent Microwaves & RF webinar, Peregrine’s director of system integration, Peter Bacon, delivered a presentation on, “The Continuing Adventures of CMOS Technology—Power and Linearity at Microwave Frequencies.” In this webinar, he discussed:
•    Technology, device and design factors affecting high frequency IC performance
•    Performance advantages of UltraCMOS technology over traditional III-V MMIC technology offerings
•    Benefits of a CMOS technology in the microwave and millimeter product space

Watch the 59-minute webinar recording below to learn more about UltraCMOS® capability at microwave frequencies: