We Are the (Kickball) Champions!

What better way to kick off the Labor Day weekend, enjoy the sunshine and get some exercise than with a company-wide, competitive kickball tournament. Last Thursday afternoon Peregrine’s San Diego employees headed to a nearby park to enjoy lunch from the Simply Fresh food truck and show off their kickball skills.

For the tournament, employees were divided into four department-based teams:

1) Mobile Wireless Solutions (MWS)—aka, the RED team
2) High Performance Analog (HPA)—aka, the BLUE team
3) Operations—aka, the BLACK team
4) Engineering Support and G&A—aka, the GREEN team

The rules of the tournament were simple. Four teams would play two games each to determine the winner. First place would walk away with a trophy and some serious bragging rights.

After knocking out operations and engineering support and G&A in the first round, the final game came down to HPA versus MWS. Our two business units battled it out on the kickball field. After nine innings, lots of smack-talk and a little blood, sweat and tears, MWS was named the victor. Congratulations to the MWS team and a big thank you to the Integrated Wellness committee for organizing this great company event.