Peregrine Semiconductor Introduces Family of RF Switches in Ultra-Miniature Packages for Mobile Wireless Applications

Peregrine Offers Alternate Source CMOS RF Switches In Industry Standard Footprints

SAN DIEGO September 20, 2002 Peregrine Semiconductor, an innovative supplier of high-performance integrated circuits for the optical networking and wireless communications markets, today announced the addition of four new products to their portfolio of high performance RF switches. The switches come in ultra-small packages and are targeted at mobile wireless applications. The PE4239 and PE4242 are available in a 6-lead SC-70 package, while the PE4241 and PE4243 are available in a 6-lead SOT23 package; all operate at up to 3.0 GHz.

These Ultra-Thin-Silicon (UTSi™) MOSFET RF Switches are single-supply, Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) RF switches with performance comparable to Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) RF switches. The switches have >30 dB isolation at 1 GHz and are CMOS compatible with a true, single-pin control interface that enables maximum circuit layout efficiency, benefiting mobile wireless applications. Additionally, they are pin and function compatible with many industry standard (GaAs) RF switches that use complementary control inputs, providing an easy upgrade path for existing designs to a low-power, alternate source CMOS solution.

“Peregrine has taken another step toward innovation in providing flexible single-pin or complementary control options in a high performance RF switch in ultra-small, industry standard footprints,” said Dennis Burman, marketing director at Peregrine Semiconductor. “This enables RF designers to take advantage of our single-pin control CMOS technology or to move up to a CMOS solution for their existing wireless platforms in production.”

Peregrine’s RF switches are the first to provide a control interface that can be used either with simple single-pin control or using complementary control signals as implemented by many GaAs RF switches. This gives the development engineer flexibility in the control interface design as fits the application requirements.

More specifically, these RF switches have a typical 1 dB compression point of +27 dBm with a typical insertion loss of 0.7 dB at 1 GHz. They are perfect for IF switching applications in cellular handsets that employ GPS or other enhanced functionality.

Pricing starts at 32 cents per unit in volumes of ten thousand. The switches are now available through Peregrine and its worldwide distribution partner, Richardson Electronics.

About Peregrine Semiconductor:

Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets high-speed communications integrated circuits for the wireless, satellite, and broadband cable communications markets. Using its patented Ultra-Thin-Silicon (UTSi) CMOS process, Peregrine Semiconductor has launched a series of radio frequency IC products for high-growth wireless applications (including CDMA and GSM digital cellular), space and defense radiation hard IC’s, and switching functions for video applications. Headquartered in San Diego, California, the company has established design centers and satellite operations in Chicago, Ill., Aix-En-Provence, France, and Sydney, Australia. Additional information on Peregrine Semiconductor is available on its web site: Contact Peregrine’s worldwide distribution partner, Richardson Electronics (NASDAQ: RELL), for sales information at 1-800-737-6937.


UTSi is a registered trademark of Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation.