Peregrine Semiconductor Unveils Low Insertion Loss SP3T RF Switch

Switch features high linearity and isolation in miniature package

San Diego, California, June 19, 2012 – Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation (Peregrine), a fabless provider of high-performance radio-frequency (RF) integrated circuits (ICs), today announced from booth # 2009 at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS2012) in Montreal, the SP3T PE42430 RF switch. Developed on Peregrine’s patented UltraCMOS® technology, the PE42430 switch combines low insertion loss with high linearity, high isolation, and small package size, making it well suited for WLAN and Bluetooth® applications in the 2.4 GHz band, as well as general broadband switching applications. An on-chip CMOS decode logic facilitates a three-pin CMOS control interface and, because VDD is derived from switch-control inputs, there is no need for a VDD pin.

Peregrine’s HaRP™ technology enhancements enable excellent IIP3 linearity of 66 dBm in the PE42430 device — the Company’s first SP3T RF switch. This switch features low insertion loss of 0.45 dB @ 1GHz and 0.55 dB @ 2.5 GHz, and high isolation of 40 dB @ 1 GHz and 30 dB @ 2.5 GHz. Additionally, it provides excellent ESD tolerance of 4500V HBM and 250V MM on all ports, and is available in a miniature, 8-lead 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm DFN package.

 “Engineers are constantly working to improve the performance of their designs, while reducing the size and overall component count,” said Mark Schrepferman, director of marketing for Peregrine’s High-Performance Solutions business unit. “With its combination of low insertion loss, high linearity and high isolation in a tiny package, the PE42430 switch addresses these needs.”

Packaging, Pricing & Availability

The PE42430 switch is available in an 8-lead, 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm DFN package, for $0.69 each, in 10,000-unit quantities. Samples and volume-production quantities can be ordered today, through Peregrine’s global direct sales representatives. For more information, visit

About Peregrine Semiconductor

Peregrine Semiconductor is a fabless provider of high-performance radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs). Our solutions leverage our proprietary UltraCMOS® technology, which enables the design, manufacture, and integration of multiple RF, mixed-signal, and digital functions on a single chip. Our products deliver what we believe is an industry-leading combination of performance and monolithic integration, and target a broad range of applications in the aerospace and defense, broadband, industrial, mobile wireless device, test and measurement equipment, and wireless infrastructure markets. UltraCMOS technology combines the ability to achieve the high levels of performance of traditional specialty processes, with the fundamental benefits of standard CMOS, the most widely-used semiconductor process technology. UltraCMOS technology utilizes a synthetic sapphire substrate, a near-perfect electrical insulator, providing low parasitic capacitance, and enabling high signal isolation, and excellent broadband linearity. These attributes result in RF devices with excellent high- frequency performance and power-handling performance, reduced crosstalk between frequencies, and enhanced network efficiency. We have engineered design advancements, including our patented HaRP™ technology which significantly improves harmonic and linearity performance; and our patent-pending DuNE™ technology, a circuit design technique that we have used to develop our advanced Digitally Tunable Capacitor (DTC) products. We offer a broad portfolio of high-performance RFICs including switches, digital attenuators, mixers/upconverters, prescalers, frequency synthesizers, DTCs, and DC-to-DC converter products; and we are currently developing Power Amplifiers (PAs). Our products are sold worldwide through our direct sales and field applications engineering staff, and our network of independent sales representatives, and distribution partners. Additional information is available on the Company’s website at


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