Peregrine Semiconductor Aims High with Low Phase Noise

Rad-hard PE97632 UltraCMOS™ 3.2 GHz Space PLL IC replaces hundreds of discrete components

San Diego, California, March 8, 2006 Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation, a supplier of the industry’s most advanced RF CMOS and mixed-signal communications ICs, today unveiled the PE97632 3.2 GHz Delta-Sigma modulated fractional-N phase locked-loop frequency synthesizer for low phase noise space applications such as high-capacity digital satellite payloads. The new device continues in Peregrine’s tradition of exceptional product offerings for the demanding space and avionics markets, and will address the growing demand for small form-factor IC solutions as satellite communications become more prevalent.

The PE97632 is the most recent addition to the industry’s only single-chip rad-hard PLL Integrated Circuit (IC) product line, allowing customers to meet their frequency synthesis requirements at a fraction of the cost, time and power consumption of any other solution on the market. Today, rad-hard space applications needing this level of performance require that the function be developed by assembling up to a hundred discrete components – a solution that is difficult to engineer and manufacture, and drives up weight and cost.

Drop-in compatible with its predecessor, the PE9763, the PE97632 delivers a 4-10 dB improvement in close-in phase noise, exemplifying Peregrine’s commitment to set the industry performance standard for PLLs and other S-level products. The device features a normalized phase noise of -216 dBc/Hz, and, as a DSM frac-N device, it offers complete frequency plan flexibility in a single IC. The improved performance delivered by PE97632, including increased capacity and transmission margin, translates directly into significantly higher value to the system operators.

“Exceptional phase noise is only one of many attributes that make Peregrine PLLs the best in the business,” said Jim Cable, C.E.O. and president of Peregrine. “The UltraCMOS process technology is breaking down RF performance barriers and advancing the wireless industry, in virtually all highly demanding markets from space and avionics to commercial handsets. As we continue to proliferate UltraCMOS products, the Peregrine portfolio is setting worldwide performance standards, transitioning an industry from old, discrete technology to modern, integrated solutions. This enables the design of the RF signal chain, whether on land or in space, to be both elegant and cost-effective,” he added.

Sampling to Alpha-customers and S-level qualification has been completed, and orders for the device are being taken directly from Peregrine for delivery in fourth quarter 2006. The product is available in die or ceramic 68-lead CQFJ package and priced per customer specifications.

About UltraCMOS™ Technology

UltraCMOS™ mixed-signal process technology is a patented variation of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology using a sapphire substrate, providing high yields and competitive costs. This technology delivers significant performance advantages over competing processes such as GaAs, SiGe BiCMOS and bulk silicon CMOS in applications where RF performance, low power and integration are paramount.

About Peregrine Semiconductor

Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance communications ICs for the wireless infrastructure and mobile wireless; broadband communications; space and avionics markets. Manufactured on the Company’s proprietary UltraCMOS™ mixed-signal process technology, Peregrine products are uniquely poised to meet the needs of a global RF design community in high-growth applications such as WCDMA and GSM digital cellular, broadband, DTV, DVR and rad-hard space and avionics programs. Peregrine 0.25µm and 0.5µm UltraCMOS devices are manufactured in its 6” CMOS facility located in Sydney, Australia and in Hachioji, Japan through an alliance with OKI Electric Industry Co., Ltd.  The Company, headquartered in San Diego, California, maintains global sales support operations and a worldwide technical distribution network. Additional information is available on the web at


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