Phase Shifters

Phase Shifters

Key Features

  • Ideal solutions for optimizing transmission phase angle
  • Low root-mean-square (RMS) phase and amplitude error with fine phase resolution
  • Digital control interface with parallel and serial programming options
  • Best-in-class ESD and reliability
pSemi Catalog

RF Product Catalog

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Product Store Datasheet Description Freq. Typ. IL (dB) IIP3 (dBm) DPS Range/Step (deg) / Bits RMS Phase Error (deg) RMS Amplitude Error (dB) Package Package (mm) Settling Time (ns) VDD Range (V) ESD HBM (V)
Min Max
8-bit DPS 1700 MHz 2200 MHz 6.0 60 358.6/1.4/8 1.0 0.1 32L QFN 5x5 365 2.3–5.5 500