Power Limiters

Power Limiters

Key Features

  • Highly integrated solutions, smaller and more reliable than PIN-diode solutions
  • Adjustable threshold control for maximum design flexibility
  • High power handling and linearity required for wide-dynamic-range designs
  • Fast response and recovery times for instantaneous protection and rapid return

RF Product Catalog

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Product Store Datasheet Description Freq. IIP3 (dBm) Adjustable Limiting Threshold (dBm) Max Power Rating (dBm) Package Package (mm)
Min Max Min Max
Low Threshold (Limiting, Reflecting) 20 MHz 2000 MHz 64 22 32 47 12L QFN 3x3
Low Threshold (Limiting, Reflecting) 10 MHz 8 GHz 37 7 13 50 12L QFN 3x3
Broadband (Limiting, Reflecting) 9 kHz 6 GHz 70 25 35 47 12L QFN 3x3