• Ultra-high efficiency LED boosts for LCD backlight displays for mobile computing 
  • Range includes products for 1-cell, 2-cell, and 3-cell inputs such as tablets, notebooks, 2-in-1 convertibles 
  • Enables very low profile (<1 mm) solutions and halving power conversion losses compared to leading alternatives
  • Full-featured parts with analog, PWM, mixed-mode dimming, from 1-8 LED strings and up to 45V output
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Buck Regulators

  • Family of DC-DC buck regulators for mobile computing, telecoms, datacoms, servers and storage applications
  • Best-in-class efficiencies in much smaller footprints and profiles
  • Available in WLCSP discrete and fully integrated modules
  • Fully programmable via I2C interface and with accurate onboard telemetry
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GaN FET Drivers

  • Compatible with leading gallium nitride (GaN) FETs
  • Industry-leading switching times: minimum pulse width, propagation delay, rise/fall times
  • Symmetric and asymmetric programmable dead-time controls
  • Applications include LiDAR and Class D audio
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