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Decades of Integration Leadership, Miniaturized for Your IoT

For over 30 years, we’ve been pioneers in semiconductor integration and advanced connectivity. Now, we’re unleashing that expertise on the Internet of Things (IoT). From smart homes buzzing with connected speakers and appliances to wearables and industrial sensors, our solutions seamlessly power the next generation of connected experiences. Whether you’re building a smart thermostat or tracking critical assets, we have the technology to empower the future of the interconnected world. Discover how our leadership in connectivity can ignite your IoT innovations.

Wi-Fi Front-end Modules (FEMs)

Product Store Datasheet Description Freq. P1dB/P0.1dB (dBm) PSAT (dBm) Tx Gain (dB) Tx Gain Control (dB) Tx Gain Step (dB) Rx NF (dB) Rx Gain (dB) Bypass Loss (dB) Supply Voltage (V) Package (mm) Package
Min Max
  2.4 GHz SOI IoT FEM 2400 MHz 2483.5 MHz 21.0 / – 24 23 15 1 1.6 15 -0.6 3.0–3.6 1.8×1.8×0.7 14L LGA