As the rapid growth of consumer data demand exceeds the capacity of 5G sub-6 GHz networks, operators will accelerate worldwide deployments of 5G mmWave networks. pSemi and Murata have co-designed a mmWave 5G antenna-integrated module (AiM) that incorporates multi-channel, beamforming front-end RFICs by pSemi, offering high-efficiency transmitters and low-noise receivers for advanced mmWave products. Our innovation is critical to enabling 5G wireless communications for base stations, customer premises equipment and smartphone applications.


As a Murata company, we are spearheading Murata’s efforts in semiconductor growth markets and driving semiconductor integration. pSemi’s innovative design combines the integration capabilities of our SOI technology and expertise in Wi-Fi connectivity solutions and advanced packaging. The capabilities of Murata and pSemi allow truly integrated, next-generation modules with smaller footprints, lower profiles and better performance than the larger assemblies of the past.


Traditional synchronous switched mode power management ICs use a single-stage architecture with two FETs rated according to the highest voltage in the system and an inductor doing all of the work to slew voltage between input and output. Our power management ICs employ a unique hybrid architecture based on patents originating from MIT, using capacitors instead of inductors to do most of the power conversion. Our solutions significantly reduce the size of the passive components required, decreasing overall solution size and also enabling Murata to produce the world’s smallest, thinnest, and most efficient buck regulators using their advanced 3D packaging technology.