UltraCMOS® Technology Platform

UltraCMOS® technology is a patented, advanced form of RF SOI that delivers the performance edge needed to solve the RF market’s biggest challenges. UltraCMOS products deliver best-in-class performance, and their monolithic design enables the intelligent integration of RF, digital and analog components onto a single chip. Peregrine holds more than 180 issued and pending patents and has shipped more than 2 billion UltraCMOS units, which are used by market leaders for the following applications: mobile, wireless infrastructure, land mobile radios, broadband, Wi-Fi, test and measurement, automotive, medical, smart energy, Internet of Things, military, radar and space.

RF complexity is growing exponentially as more wireless devices compete for signals throughout more frequency bands, and Peregrine continues to achieve several SOI industry firsts that offer RF engineers the widest range of high-performance RF choices. UltraCMOS products allow engineers the flexibility to prioritize attributes—like small form factor, low power consumption, high reliability, radiation-hardened, high ESD ratings, programmability, affordability, reduced board area—based on use case.

Peregrine’s UltraCMOS Platforms: UltraCMOS 10 and SOS

Peregrine is committed to giving RF engineers the widest range of design flexibility, providing the right component for the parameters of the application. That’s why Peregrine provides two SOI platforms—UltraCMOS 10 and UltraCMOS SOS.

UltraCMOS 10 Platform

For smartphone, phablet, tablet and Internet of Things applications, the company designed the UltraCMOS 10 platform using an advanced form of SOI that offers best-in-class performance for the value. Introduced in October 2013, the technology leverages Peregrine’s design expertise along with Soitec semiconductor materials and a unique, GLOBALFOUNDRIES fabrication flow to deliver over 50-percent improvement in insertion loss and isolation on a 130 nm SOI chip.

For other applications that require the highest performance—wireless infrastructure, land-mobile-radios, broadband, Wi-Fi, test and measurement, automotive, medical, smart energy, military, radar and space—Peregrine uses the UltraCMOS silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) platform. This manufacturing process is a patented variation of SOI on a sapphire substrate, which is a near-perfect insulator. UltraCMOS SOS chips feature low defect density for simpler construction; dielectrically isolated transistors for excellent power handling and multiple thresholds; inherent CMOS logic levels; and superior ESD ratings. Since fully depleted SOS doesn’t have any body junctions, the only voltage variable capacitance is oxide capacitance per unit area (Cox). In addition, its inherent radiation and single event tolerance, including immunity to single-event latch-up (SEL), make UltraCMOS SOS ideal for military and space applications. Sapphire also offers outstanding RF and microwave properties and a mature supply chain.