Enabling Active Antennas for RADAR and Satellite Communication Applications

Peter Bacon and Duncan Pilgrim discuss the benefits of active antennas for radar and satellite applications in the September 2013 edition of Microwave Product Digest. Active antenna solutions are used across an array of applications, including radar, satellite communications and wireless infrastructure and it is increasingly becoming a more accepted method in those applications. The distributed nature of the active antenna provides a number of performance enhancements over a single element antenna. UltraCMOS® technology offers a unique combination of monolithic integration, high performance RF and calibration and control capabilities and provides a robust technology platform for implementing the majority of high-performance RF and microwave circuitry needed for active array transmit/receive elements. To support accuracy requirements, UltraCMOS technology can be used to produce integrated solutions offering repeatability and greater levels of resolution than have been thus far achievable.

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