Part 6: UltraCMOS® Technology vs. GaAs

Peregrine’s co-founder and CTO Ron Reedy gave the following presentation at a San Diego IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) event in October 2013. In this video, which is part 6 of his talk, “Commercializing Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) & Changing an Industry,” Reedy recalls the RF industry’s shift from GaAs-based switches to CMOS-based switches. Competitors leveraged several tactics to maintain their market positions — dropping prices, discrediting Peregrine. Soon after Peregrine hit a performance and volume threshhold, the GaAs vendors started introducing CMOS solutions. Reedy shares the story of the best advice he ever got (“Risk protects you!”) and how that inspired him to succeed with Peregrine’s unconventional techology.