RF Tx/Rx Modules

RF Tx/Rx Modules

Key Features

  • Industry-leading monolithic Wi-Fi and beamforming front ends
  • Wi-Fi FEMs deliver high linearity performance for Wi-Fi 6 and 6E
  • 8-channel beamformer RFICs support four dual-polarity antennas
  • Compact form factors integrating high-performance RF, analog and digital
pSemi Catalog

RF Product Catalog

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Beamforming Front Ends

Product Datasheet Description Freq.
Min Max
8-channel Beamforming Front End 24.25 GHz 27.5 GHz
8-channel 26.5 GHz 29.5 GHz

RF Tx/Rx Modules

Product Store Datasheet Description Freq. Typ. Tx Gain (dB) Typ. Rx Gain (dB) P1dB/P0.1dB (dBm) Tx Output Power (dBm) - Linear/Saturated Tx Output Power (dBm) - Saturated Tx Gain Control Tx Gain Step (dB) Rx NF (dB) Bypass Loss (dB) Supply Voltage (V) PSAT (dBm) Package Package (mm)
Min Max
  2.4 GHz SOI IoT FEM 2400 MHz 2483.5 MHz 23 15 21.0 / – 15 1 1.6 -0.6 3.0–3.6 24 14L LGA 1.8×1.8×0.7