United States National Inventors’ Day

On February 11, the United States recognizes National Inventors’ Day, a day to salute past and present great inventors. First signed into declaration on February 11, 1983, President Ronald Reagan chose the date because it was Thomas Edison’s birthday. (Edison was born February 11, 1847, and held more than 1,000 patents throughout his lifetime.) Today, we celebrate great inventors worldwide and their genius in recognition of the valuable contributions they make to all of our lives.

At pSemi, we are blessed with many strong, skilled inventors who have a proven track record of industry-leading innovations. Their expertise and creativity are backed by pSemi’s top-ranked patent program. For the last two years, our patent portfolio was named one of the technology world’s most valuable portfolios by the IEEE Spectrum Patent Power Scorecard. Thanks to our inventors, the pSemi patent portfolio now exceeds 500 issued and pending patents and continues to aggressively grow.

On this United States National Inventors’ Day, we want to thank our pSemi inventors for their creativity, support and diligent efforts. We also want to wish every inventor in our industry and throughout the world a Happy Inventors’ Day. We encourage you to unleash even more creativity and inventions in 2018!

Happy Inventors’ Day!