Peregrine Semiconductor Takes Complex RF Switch Integration to the Next Level

Peregrine Announces New 4×6 RF Matrix Switches Providing Non-blocking Switching and 44dB of Output Port Isolation

SAN DIEGO, Calif. February 19, 2002 Peregrine Semiconductor, an innovative supplier of high-performance integrated circuits for the optical networking and wireless communications markets, today announced a breakthrough in integrated RF Switch performance with the addition of four new non-blocking 4×6 RF matrix switches targeted at wireless infrastructure applications. The PE4460, PE4461, PE4462 and PE4463 represent the industry’s highest level of integration of an RF switch matrix with high performance passive power splitters on each input port, all contained in a small 48-lead, 7x7mm MLP package while consuming only 1μA of current.

These Ultra-Thin-Silicon (UTSi) MOSFET RF Matrix Switches are true single-supply devices with a 4-Input by 6-Output switch matrix fabric utilizing high isolation, integrated 6-way power dividers, achieving an output-to-output port isolation of >44dB at 1 GHz. The switch control interface is a simple three-wire serial programming interface that is CMOS-compatible for seamless interfacing with a μProcessor I/O port.

“Peregrine has taken monolithic RF switch integration to a much higher level by leveraging its high performance integrated passive technology and inherently simple embedded CMOS control logic to produce a complex RF matrix switch with outstanding performance characteristics,” said Stav Prodromou, chief executive officer of Peregrine Semiconductor. “These products again validate Peregrine’s UTSi CMOS technology as an enabler of complex, fully-integrated solutions for the wireless market.”

Peregrine’s RF matrix switches are the first in the industry to provide a monolithic 4×6 RF switch with a simple programming control interface. They have a typical input 1dB compression point of +31dBm, with a typical insertion loss of 12dB over the specified frequency band. The switches are non-blocking, meaning any one of the RF matrix switch input ports can be programmed via the serial programming interface to connect to any of six output ports simultaneously.

The PE4460 is designed to support four Cellular/GSM inputs, the PE4461 four PCS/UMTS inputs, the PE4462 three PCS/UMTS and one Cellular/GSM inputs, and the PE4463 supports three Cellular/GSM and one PCS/UMTS inputs.

Pricing starts at $49 per unit in volumes of ten thousand. Demonstration samples for customer evaluation of the PE4460 and PE4462 are now available in limited quantities through Peregrine. The PE4461 and PE4463 are scheduled for release in third quarter 2002.

About Peregrine Semiconductor:

Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets high-speed communications integrated circuits for the broadband fiber, wireless and satellite communications markets. Using its patented Ultra-Thin-Silicon (UTSi) CMOS process, Peregrine has launched a series of radio frequency IC products for high-growth applications, including CDMA digital cellular, Bluetooth personal area wireless networks and wireless remote sensing and control. Peregrine, headquartered in San Diego, California, also has established design centers and satellite operations in Chicago, Ill., Aix-En-Provence, France, and Sydney, Australia. Peregrine has established a mission to leverage its unique UTSiprocess to become a leading supplier of high-speed communications ICs for wireless and wired communications, and compelling photonic components for advanced optical networks. The company’s UTSiprocess offers very high performance coupled with the integration, scalability, simplicity and flexibility of conventional CMOS.  Additional information on Peregrine Semiconductor is available on its worldwide web site: Contact Peregrine’s worldwide distribution partner, Richardson Electronics (Nasdaq: RELL), for sales information at 1-800-737-6937.


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