Peregrine Semiconductor Announces the Industry’s Highest Performance Phase Lock Loop ICs With Embedded EEPROM

Enabled by Peregrine’s UTSi CMOS, High-Density Embedded EEPROM Technology

SAN DIEGO, Calif. February 25, 2002 Peregrine Semiconductor, an innovative supplier of high-performance integrated circuits for the optical networking and wireless communications markets, today announced the first two products of a new family of high performance Phase Lock Loop (PLL) synthesizers with embedded EEPROM memory, ideal for fixed frequency applications. The PE3341 and PE3342 operate up to 2800 MHz and exhibit excellent phase noise characteristics.

The PE3341/PE3342 Ultra-Thin-Silicon (UTSi) PLLs contain an embedded 20-bit EEPROM memory that can be programmed to set the PLL counter values at device power-up. This eliminates the need for any external programming support logic for fixed frequency applications. They also contain a serial programming interface enabling operation as a standard programmable PLL. In this mode it is programming compatible with Peregrine’s PE3340 PLL.

The PLLs will be available in a 24-lead TSSOP package and will support operating frequencies of 500 MHz to 2800 MHz. They exhibit industry leading phase noise performance of 86dBc/Hz, typical with a comparison frequency of 1 MHz at a 10 kHz offset from a center frequency of 2800 MHz. Programming of the EEPROM will be supported on industry standard programming systems and, for high-volume requirements, the PE3341/PE3342 can be mass-programmed in the factory per customer specifications.

“The PE3341 and PE3342 are our first EEPROM product embodiments that open up the vast possibilities to further enhanced integrated solutions by utilizing embedded non-volatile memory. Possibilities include storing multiple frequency steps in a synthesizer for frequency hopping radios or implementing a calibration table for linearizing integrated VCOs,” said Stav Prodromou, chief executive office of Peregrine Semiconductor. “Peregrine’s UTSi CMOS technology allows high-density EEPROM to be easily and economically embedded in a variety of wireless and wireline product solutions.”

The PE3341/PE3342 encompass a 10/11 dual modulus prescaler, a 4-bit swallow counter, a 9-bit main counter, and a 6-bit reference counter. The PE3341 is designed with an integrated charge pump output while the PE3342 is designed with a digital phase detector output. They operate on a nominal 3-volt supply with a total current consumption of less than 30mA.

Pricing for the PE3341 and PE3342 starts at $6.95 per unit in volumes of ten thousand.

Demonstration samples are now available through Peregrine in limited quantities.

About Peregrine Semiconductor:

Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets high-speed communications integrated circuits for the broadband fiber, wireless and satellite communications markets. Using its patented Ultra-Thin-Silicon (UTSi) CMOS process, Peregrine has launched a series of radio frequency IC products for high-growth applications, including CDMA digital cellular, Bluetooth personal area wireless networks and wireless remote sensing and control. Peregrine, headquartered in San Diego, California, also has established design centers and satellite operations in Chicago, Ill., Aix-En-Provence, France, and Sydney, Australia. Peregrine has established a mission to leverage its unique UTSiprocess to become a leading supplier of high-speed communications ICs for wireless and wired communications, and compelling photonic components for advanced optical networks. The company’s UTSiprocess offers very high performance coupled with the integration, scalability, simplicity and flexibility of conventional CMOS.  Additional information on Peregrine Semiconductor is available on its web site: Contact Peregrine’s worldwide distribution partner, Richardson Electronics (Nasdaq: RELL), for sales information at 1-800-737-6937.


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